Sri Lanka’s first-ever pointz based gaming app experience with PlayPointz

Sri Lanka’s first-ever pointz based gaming app experience with PlayPointz - Sri Lanka’s first-ever pointz based gaming app experience with PlayPointzHiru Gossip, Hiru news, Gossip Lanka News | Hirugossip | Hiru Gossip | Hiru Fm Gossip | Hiru Gossip Official Web Site | Gossip Lanka

Avanux (Pvt) Ltd, a leading provider of digital and creative solutions, recently launched
PlayPointz, Sri Lanka’s first-ever unique pointz-based gaming app that delivers a seamless and
entertaining shopping experience. With its innovative approach to online shopping, PlayPointz is
set to revolutionize the e-commerce industry by offering users a fun and engaging way to redeem
their favourite products. A play-to-win game designed exclusively in Sri Lanka, the players can
earn PlayPointz by answering trivia questions and redeeming products from its Pointz Store.

Since 2018 Avanux has been offering enhanced digital experiences that are human-centered and
future-proof. The company aims at creating change through effective marketing, utilizing digital
platforms to provide clients with an end-to-end marketing solution with a critical view on brand
strategy, marketing strategy, digital strategy and analytics to ensure that clients reach their full

Commenting on this new concept, Chinthaka
Nuwan & Supun Tharanga said, “PlayPointz was
designed with the aim of providing our users with
a next-generation e-commerce app experience.
We would like to emphasize on the fact that this
app in no way involves cash, credit or debit cards
and is 100% secure. It allows players to test their
skills among like-minded individuals in a thriving

We will continue to expand alongside Avant Media and Avant Studio and form a formidable
digital powerhouse that becomes a one-stop destination for all digital services.”
PlayPointz doesn’t just offer the opportunity to win sensational items but players can also make
a splash by sharing splendorous events with the PlayPointz community. It embodies technologies
for people and their connections with the PlayPointz community to guide them through a whole
new e-commerce experience.

To experience PlayPointz, Sri Lanka’s first-ever unique gaming e-commerce platform, the app can
be downloaded from,
Apple Store https://l.playpointz.lk/HWWqGswfmG
Google Play https://l.playpointz.lk/q0qVlZpZyA
AppGallery https://l.playpointz.lk/II86n5uRSN
or you can visit their web site at https://playpointz.com/

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