TISL launches on International Anti-Corruption Day 2021

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The landscape of corruption the world over has changed drastically due to the Covid-19 pandemic
in the past two years, increasing opportunities for corruption while deepening the adverse impact
of corruption upon the people.
Here in Sri Lanka, there have been numerous scandals and corruption allegations that rocked the
nation in 2021 as the people of the country struggled to survive in a pandemic economy facing
multiple challenges such as the loss of income opportunities and the hike in cost of living. It is in
this backdrop that Transparency International Sri Lanka (TISL) marks International

Anti-Corruption Day today (Dec. 9th ). TISL has chosen “Ape salli” or “our money” as our central
theme this year, in a bid to highlight corruption in the form of abuse of power and misuse of public
resources, which belong to the citizens of the nation.
Former UN Secretary-General Kofi Annan once said “if corruption is a disease, transparency is a
central part of its treatment.” In order to promote this treatment to corruption, as described by the
former UN Secretary-General, TISL will be launching today, a citizen-driven platform for
activism and advocacy on anti-corruption. provides a unique platform for the citizens to report incidents of corruption to TISL.
Following a thorough verification process, TISL will also be able to advice the complainants on
seeking legal redress and to take steps to file complaints directly with the authorities where
possible. Citizens who have experienced or observed corruption in their day to day lives are also
given a platform to write and share their stories, gain public’s attention and create a public
discourse on corruption. also facilitates reporting on election violations including misuse of state resources and
other violations of election laws during campaigning periods. The website provides users the
opportunity to track corruption related incidents in specific locations of the country as well as to
obtain statistics on corruption-related incidents reported to
TISL will also be releasing a review of allegations, scandals and changes in the anti-corruption
landscape reported in 2021 titled, “Hindsight 2021.”, which simplifies and summarizes them and
highlights what actions have been taken and can be taken.
TISL’s Executive Director Nadishani Perera in her message to mark International Anti-Corruption
Day shared the following thoughts.
“There have been many developments that took place this year that are extremely concerning. The
controversial tax amnesty granted earlier this year, the hastily passed Colombo Port City Economic
Commission bill, multiple alleged corruption scandals related to sugar, fertilizer and other
necessities, are but a few of the worrying developments that took place this year.
However, such incidents and unhealthy measures could have been prevented or mitigated if there
was greater transparency as well as accountability pertaining to the decisions. It is also paramount
to ensure greater transparency in the systems and actions of the Government and public sector. In
addition, the citizens should be able to understand the corruption that is taking place as well as its
far-reaching implications. This would lead to greater public demand for accountability from public
representatives and state officials.”
“At a time when our country is making strides in vaccinating people to combat the Covid 19
pandemic, let us also commit to fight the pandemic of corruption that has plagued this country for
decades, much longer than Covid-19, preventing the fruits of development initiatives from reaching
the most needed areas, exacerbating inequalities and causing the country to stagnate as a
developing nation.”
Marking Anti-Corruption Day, TISL calls upon all actors from the state, private and community to
rise up against corruption in our nation and presents as a tool that would facilitate
citizen activism against corruption.
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