PHI request for a four day LOCKDOWN

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The President of the Public Health Inspectors' Association Upul Rohana states that steps should be taken to control the rapidly spreading coronavirus situation in the country by imposing a LOCKDOWN for at least three or four days.

Speaking to the Hiru news team he stated that the suggestion in this regard has already been submitted and it is expected to be discussed with the President at a special meeting to be held this afternoon.

In addition to all the divisions involved in the Covid 19 disease control process, and a team of epidemiologists has been called for this discussion.

Upul Rohana further stated that they expect positive response will be received from the President for this proposal.

He further stated that his association has decided not to allow any gathering for public events such as pandals and dansals for the Vesak festival this year.

He emphasizes that the public should pay close attention to the situation as it is becoming extremely serious day by day.
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