The police had to shoot the foreigner to control the situation.

According to the police media spokesman , a foreigner had stabbed two women at a Pizza Hut outlet in Havelock Town and are currently admitted to the Colombo National Hospital for treatment.As per the Colombo National Hospital spokeswoman one victim out of the two admitted to the hospital is in a critical condition.

According to the reporters the foreigner has been terminated from his employment and the two victims are also employed at the same working place.

Our reporters  report of an incident of a girl being raped by a person who came to fix the roof of her house.

This incident is being reported form the Karuvalagasveva area and this has taken place purely due to the negligence and ignorance of her parents. The suspect(30) is a resident of Thabbova area and the police has arrested him.
Former President Mahinda Rajapaksa has signed the nomination papers to contest Parliamentary elections from the Kurunegala District.

The owner of a jewellery shop in Minuwangoda  was shot dead yesterday evening by four armed men.

The robbers had entered the shop and shot the owner and another person employed by the Jewellery shop. The owner of the shop died following the incident and the other person has been admitted to the hospital.

The cause of the death is unknown

Foreign media reports of  the death of a Sri Lankan young teacher aged 23 after falling from a building in Bahrain.
She had been employed as a teacher in a British school as the swimming instructor and last Saturday she had participated in a party at the US Marine Balcony

Few hours after the party she had suddenly collapsed and fallen down.

Attempts to take the vehicle away form the place of the accident - Number plate already removed

Three persons including 21 days old infant got killed at a fatal accident occurred  in Weligama  on the Matara Galle Road. The incident took place yesterday around 2.00PM. The motorist who came from Galle side who was unable to control the speed of the vehicle had knocked the car on a three wheeler which came from Matara side.

An incident of a young lover from Mahiyanganaya is reported to have attacked  his girlfriend's new lover at the Deputy land commissioners office in Mahiyanganaya.  

The story in brief

This young woman who has already been in a relationship with the youth from Minipe area has come to  to the Deputy Land commissioners office for a training session had started up a new relationship with the said victim.

Shahid Kappr is a young Bollywood star and the dream boy of many young girls. He dated many Bollywood actresses and Karina Kapoor, Priyanaka Chopra and Sonakshi Sinhaa are a few names amongst the list.

Few months back rumours were spreading all over stating that he is getting married to the young Mira Rajput who is 13 years younger to Shahid and they declared to the media that they have no intentions of getting married to each other.

24-year-old Bavalan Pathmanathan of Sri Lankan origin who represented  Manipay Parish Sports Club passed away after being hit by a cricket ball during a match in England. He was immediately admitted to the hospital  after the incident and treated by ambulance. He had passed away due to the damages caused by internal bleeding.

Hindu news paper reports that there seems to be lack of clarity about President Maithripala Sirisena’s position on the Sri Lanka Freedom Party led United People’s Freedom Alliance’s move to provide former President Mahinda Rajapaksa with a ticket to contest in the August 17th parliamentary polls.

Ever since the UPFA general secretary Susil Premajayantha’s statement was made public on Friday, announcing the nomination of Mahinda Rajapaksa, silence has been the response of the President.

A boy from Uttar Pradesh in India got beaten up by people for bullying a school girl.

The girl had got offended and had informed the people around . They all have got together and beaten him up and handed him over to the police.

Our reporter reports of an incident of a husband who had mistakenly brought some undergarments of another woman. This person had bought some grocery items from the Saturday fair and along with him he had bought the wife a pair of slippers upon her request. On his way he had stopped by to buy some beetle . At this moment the bag had got mixed up with a bag of a tea plucker.

The husband who is totally unaware of this incident had taken the bag home and  had wanted to surprise the wife by showing the newly purchased slippers and had requested her to see what is inside the bag.

Facebook is the most popular social networking site and is very popular among the younger generation. However the adult community in Sri Lanka  is not so in favour of facebook due to the recent negative incidents which took place with the involvement of facebook.

However foreign media reports of a positive incident which took place somewhere in America Mexico Border, All thanks to facebook.

Mundalama police have arrested a 17 -year-old boy who raped and under-aged girl (14)

The victim of this incident is a girl from Baththulu Oya in Mundalama. The suspect is also from the same area. The victim and the suspect has had a love affair and as a result of the affair the girl had called the suspect to her house.

SLFP General Secretary Mr. Anuar Priyadarshana Yapa said  that SLFP will not leave the UPFA  in the upcoming General Elections and will not contest as an individual party

Making a statement to the media he further mentioned that they have officially informed the Commissioner of Elections with this regard.

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