MP of Kurunegala District Mahinda Rajapakse expressing his views to a national newspaper had said that he is not at all satisfied with the investigations carried out by the police regarding the crime on Seya.

He had further mentioned his views in the following manner:

A young woman had attempted suicide by jumping into the Mahaweli River which flows through Balagolla in the Kandy-Mahiyanganaya road, was rescued by by-standers. She had climbed down to the river bank and had started along the river when by-standers had witnessed her actions and suspecting her motive, had informed the others.

The Minuwangoda Magistrate D.A. Ruwan Pathirana declared today that DNA of a main suspect of the Kotadeniyawa murder, Dunesh Priyashantha alias Kondaya does not match with that of the case material found on the victim’s body.

The DNA report of Kondaya was submitted by the CID to Court this morning.  However the two suspects, Kondaya and his elder brother Saman Jayalath have been remanded until October 19th.

The Department of Examination has released the names of those who excelled to claim the first, second and third places of the Year-5 Scholarship Examination.

The Department stated that three candidates have obtained the highest marks in the island. That is 196 marks.

An infant of about 17 days has been found abandoned at Dangolla,Peradeniya in Kandy.  This is another incident of abandoning children due to economic crises.  

A passer-by had seen the child and taken him to the Hospital of Peradeniya. A letter supposed to have been written by the mother too had been discovered.

The phone of ruggerite Thajudeen, who was found burnt dead inside his car, was damaged beyond repair.

Yet it is reported that the University of Colombo School of Computing had presented an analytical report to the Colombo Magistrate Court yesterday(5th) revealing that the photographs, conversations, text messages and e-mails stored in the phone’s memory have been disclosed.

The tale revealed at Court still remains Secret
Kondaya has come through the door, brother says through window.

Saman Jayalath, the elder brother of Dunesh Priyashantha alias Kondaya was re-remanded till the 19th this month.

The CID informed the Court that the suspect had made a statement admitting that he abducted the child and murdered her after subjecting her to sexual abuse. The CID had revealed before the Magistrate that the particular suspect had been taken to the venue where the child’s body was found, and that he had been remanded convicted of different incidents earlier as well.

“When the loop was already on someone came along imploring not to hang”
“Killed five and went to prison; killed another there”

Perhaps you have heard about the guy who avenged several criminals including the policeman who raped and murdered his sister, by following them and murdering them as well. Perhaps it could also be the first time you hear this story. He is called after the name ‘Hithumathe Jeevithe’ or ‘Idler’.

Hithumathe Jeevithe’ who was in jail for several years together with ‘Marusira’ and later escaped jail and avenged those who committed the ignominious crime against his sister, is in Kalutara at the moment.

The husband informed via phone that photos will be published

A 25-year-old woman who learned that her ex-boyfriend has published after her wedding her photographs shot about 6 months prior to her wedding has committed suicide by hanging herself.

Giving evidence as to the incident Amith, an elder brother of the young woman Anusha who was a resident of Welangolla, Thisogama said that she had married a person called Sandun from Welangolla.

Contradictory statements from Kondaya

While a large chunk of details was revealed from the statements of Kondaya who was arrested alleged of Seya’s murder, his brother Saman Jayalath too has been arrested and is being probed.

The CID sources said that certain details obtained as well as scientific evidence confirm his direct involvement in the crime.

The couple is engaged now
The incident had occurred in 2014

We have received a totally different update about the incident of a girl being slapped by two guys which is going viral on the web. The Police Media Spokesman’s Office stated that the particular incident had occurred earlier in 2014 and that the issue which led to the squabble has been sorted out by now.

The people involved in the incident had made a complaint to the Katunayake police regarding the publishing of the video on social media. According to them the incident had occurred at about 1pm on 15th November in a land near River Maduwa.

Don’t let this happen to anyone else

The 17-year old schoolboy and the father of one who had been in remand custody on suspicion over the killing of Seya Sadevmi of Kotadeniyava were released yesterday by the Court as their D.N.A. reports did not match with that of murdered Seya Sadevmi.

However the released pupil of 17 for the first time expressed his views with regard to the incident to the media with his mother.

A video showing a girl being beaten by two boys is going viral in the web.

The bits of conversation passing between the two parties reveal that the conflict must have arisen in connection with a relationship. However this kind of ignominious behaviour has brought severe condemnation upon the two boys.  

Suspects to be released with immediate effect

D A Ruwanpathirana, Chief Magistrate of Minuwangoda stated before the open court

That the DNA samples of the two suspects do not complement with the test conducted regarding the murder of Seya of Kotadeniyawa.

This was done according a motion forwarded by the CID to take the case into hearing today.

A person who had fled after robbing a bank by threatening the cashier had been arrested. The amount that had been robbed is 5 lakhs.
A person who had come to a bank in Panadura at about 5.30 in the evening had presented a cash deposit slip to the cashier.

The following words were mentioned in the slip: “I possess a firearm, I will shoot you; let me have all the cash, if you apply the warning signal you’ll be shot directly”.

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