A hand severed

The CID have already initiated a special investigation to arrest the assailants in connection with the murder of another woman by attacking with a sharp object at Opatawatta at Kotakethana in Kahawatta yesterday afternoon.

The Police Media Spokesman’s Office stated that a police team has already been dispatched to the area for the investigation process.

Detainees wandering round the cell
Kondaya keeping mum
Suspected pupil & father re-remanded

The 17-year old student and the other suspect of the Seya Sadevmi murder were further remanded until the 2nd of October. Kondaya too is in remand under strict security.

It is revealed that the DNA test report of the two other suspects have not reached the Court as yet.

The Kuliyapitiya police has discovered the corpse of an anonymous youth in the vicinity of the Milk Board in Weeragama.

It has been revealed that a 22 year old person by the name Muthuwadilage Viraj Prasanna, resident of Paragammana, Yakwila who had been wandering about Udubeddawa expressing his desire to commit suicide by climbing up a utility pole, has died thus, yesterday(27th) dawn.

Addressing the UNGA Session on Sustainable Development in New York yesterday (27th) President Maithripala Sirisena stated that the basic principles of sustainable development known by ancestors will be moulded in order to harmonize with the demands of the 21st century, in the process of the country’s development.

The UNGA Session on Sustainable Development held parallel to the UNGA drew to a close yesterday (27th).  

The reason behind the killing of a 10 year old boy in Kapurugoda in Panagoda has been revealed.

Accordingly the suspected killer who is in custody had carried out the crime due to a personal dispute with the boy’s Father.

An individual who entered a Private Bank located along Dharmapala Mawatha in Colombo has stolen 5.5 Million Rupees.

It was reported recently about a young woman from Ragama who was killed at the Fort railway station.

As the crowd was a-stir from the accident, a particular person had come to see who had died when trying to board the train. He couldn’t believe his eyes when he saw that it was none other than his own daughter.

Pressed her mouth shut when the child woke and called for mother
Goes to watch women sleeping

A main suspect who was arrested last evening (23rd) by the Criminal Investigations Department in Baduwathugoda, Bemmulla, Gampaha had confessed to the rape and murder of five year old Seya Sadevmi, the Police said.

According to police sources, the suspect, the 32 year-old suspect Dunesh Priyashantha alias Kondaya had made a lengthy confession to the CID.

The CID says that the person arrested yesterday in Baduwathugoda in Bemmulla in Gampaha over the killing of Kotadeniyawa Seya Sadevmi confessed that he had killed Seya..

It is a person in Kotadeniyawa who had first provided the tip-off about the suspect.

He had revealed that the suspect and his elder brother get together to consume cannabis and that they used to roam the paddy field where the dead body of the girl was found. He had further said that the suspect disappeared after the incident.

During the past few days the police was able to detect several women from different regions in the country who engage in prostitution.

The Central Corruption Eradication Unit of Walana, Panadura had managed to raid a brothel run in a house by a woman and arrest the procurer and two women, at the 10th post of Weherahera, Boralesgamuwa.

Broke into house at 1 o’clock at night
Screamed when felt being touched

At a time when the ignominious murder of Seya of Kotadeniyawa has drawn the attention of so many and yet the culprits not yet revealed, another such outrageous incident of the same kind is reported from Hambanthota area.

The alleged person had broken into the house at about 1.00am in the night and tried to touch the young girl, when she had woken up and screamed, rousing her parents sleeping nearby.
No evidence yet regarding the 17 year old student
Seya’s mother’s phone lost on the night of the incident

Broad investigations have been launched with regard to a suspect who was lodged close to Seya’s house and said to have been involved with several cases of child abuse. The culprit of Seya’s murder has not yet been specified.  

The suspect is a resident of Gampaha area.. It is revealed that in the past few days he had been temporarily lodged in a house in Badalgama in Kotadeniyawa belonging to his sister. It is also known that this particular house is located close to Seya’s house.

A bygone tale of Anarkali’s..
“A 200 lakh more could have been thrown in for a game..”
“My weight is 120kg”

 The character of Nishantha Muthuhettigama was much talked about, on different occasions and in different perspectives, in the political arena. He who had also received court orders once for a psychological diagnosis is now serving as the Minister of Harbour and Naval Affairs.

Although he supported Mahinda Rajapakse in the previous election he began to support President Maithripla Sirisena and work in the national government.

“My son even helped in the funeral of Sadevmi.
Was asleep in the same bed with me since 9.30 in the night
My son is blameless”

Three persons have been arrested and held in custody regarding the murder of Sadevmi by now.

A student of 17 years too is among them. However his mother has made a statement to the media regarding his arrest as a suspect.

The Toxic Drug Raids Unit of Tangalle was able to raid an illegal brothel in Siribopura, Hambanthota.

The police had raided the place according to information received that the brothel is run under the pretext of renting rooms. The raid was conducted using a police spy to buy a woman form the place for a room rental of Rs 2000.

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