Broke into house at 1 o’clock at night
Screamed when felt being touched

At a time when the ignominious murder of Seya of Kotadeniyawa has drawn the attention of so many and yet the culprits not yet revealed, another such outrageous incident of the same kind is reported from Hambanthota area.

The alleged person had broken into the house at about 1.00am in the night and tried to touch the young girl, when she had woken up and screamed, rousing her parents sleeping nearby.
No evidence yet regarding the 17 year old student
Seya’s mother’s phone lost on the night of the incident

Broad investigations have been launched with regard to a suspect who was lodged close to Seya’s house and said to have been involved with several cases of child abuse. The culprit of Seya’s murder has not yet been specified.  

The suspect is a resident of Gampaha area.. It is revealed that in the past few days he had been temporarily lodged in a house in Badalgama in Kotadeniyawa belonging to his sister. It is also known that this particular house is located close to Seya’s house.

A bygone tale of Anarkali’s..
“A 200 lakh more could have been thrown in for a game..”
“My weight is 120kg”

 The character of Nishantha Muthuhettigama was much talked about, on different occasions and in different perspectives, in the political arena. He who had also received court orders once for a psychological diagnosis is now serving as the Minister of Harbour and Naval Affairs.

Although he supported Mahinda Rajapakse in the previous election he began to support President Maithripla Sirisena and work in the national government.

“My son even helped in the funeral of Sadevmi.
Was asleep in the same bed with me since 9.30 in the night
My son is blameless”

Three persons have been arrested and held in custody regarding the murder of Sadevmi by now.

A student of 17 years too is among them. However his mother has made a statement to the media regarding his arrest as a suspect.

The Toxic Drug Raids Unit of Tangalle was able to raid an illegal brothel in Siribopura, Hambanthota.

The police had raided the place according to information received that the brothel is run under the pretext of renting rooms. The raid was conducted using a police spy to buy a woman form the place for a room rental of Rs 2000.

The child’s body has been washed ashore
“I drowned, but just then a wave came by and I could clutch onto a piece of rock.”

The body of the little girl who was pushed to the sea by the father the night before the last at Kosgoda has been washed ashore at Mahapelena.

The suspect was arrested yesterday morning, while he was hiding in the neighbourhood, of Kaikawala in Kosgoda. He is scheduled, to be produced before the Balapitiya Magistrate, tomorrow.

A person who had been caught video-recording a school girl furtively focusing a mobile phone camera from underneath her uniform in a Kottawa bus was bashed by other passengers and handed over to the police.  

The passengers had stopped the bus at Pitipana and battered the person before tying him to a tree close by.

It is reported that there was a heated exchange of words between a person who had come in a Hybrid car and three police officers who were on duty at the Nugegoda-Delkanda junction last evening (17th) at about 7.30pm.

This person’s vehicle had been stopped by a police officer as it was being driven at an excessive speed disregarding road rules. When his driving license was demanded he had failed to produce it and instead had tried to flee from the situation after aiming a blow with his leg at one officer.

They’ve even brought posters of Mahinda…

The Outer Circular Highway from Kaduwela to Kadawatha was declared open yesterday (17th) at about 3.00pm with the participation of Minister Lakshman Kiriella.

Yet there had been a commotion on the spot due to two women who had tried to open it before the Minister did. It is reported that the two women had cheered loudly for Mahinda Rajapakse holding two posters with the image of Mahinda.

“We were going to treat friends with ice cream on the birthday,
said I am the best father in the world.”

The criminal of Seya’s case has not yet been revealed. Various false news were spread to the effect that the child’s father had been convicted for child abuse.

Although he was labelled a suspect by neighbors as well, the police had said that his statements have proven to a certain extent his non-involvement in the incident.

he police says that a neighboring youth is being questioned with regard to the murder of Seya Sadevmi of Kotadeniyawa, Divulapitiya. Acting Police Media Spokesman Senior Police Superintendent Priyantha Jayakody says that further references are being made on behalf of the incident.  

By now around 30 statements have been obtained with regard to the murder of the child, including the mother, father and grandparents. Upul Nishantha, the father of the murdered child says that the murder could have been prevented had more attention been paid on behalf of the child.

The cause had been an extramarital affair.
The little girl had been thrown down the well, alive.

The post mortems regarding the putrid corpses found in the house amidst the abandoned land of 6 acres in Galpottha, Udugampola in Gampaha were conducted at the Gampaha Base Hospital. There it was confirmed that these killings were homicides carried out by an assault involving a blunt weapon.

It was revealed that these killings had been carried out about a week ago.   

Police arrested the suspect at Pasyala in Nittambuwa along with the vehicle he stole from the victim’s house. He is suspected for the slaughter of father, mother and daughter. He had been lodged in the same house as a servant. He had fled after the murder.

A large number of villagers were gathered round the house of the little girl Seya Sadewmi of Kotadeniyawa, after the funeral urging the police to arrest the culprits as soon as possible.

The Police stated that 2 who had behaved in an unruly manner in making the demand were strictly warned. Our correspondent stated that around 1000 had surrounded the girl’s residence.

The funeral of Sadevmi whose murder took the country by storm, took place yesterday. A large number of neighbors were present and they are still confused about the incident.  

It is difficult to see her lifeless body without shedding a tear, and it was everybody’s unanimous wish that no one should face an untimely death of this nature.

Suspicion over the father who was accused earlier for child abuse?

The funeral of the child who was murdered in Kotadeniyawa will be held today at the Divulapitiya cemetery. Yet her murderer has not yet been found. Investigations are continued by the police on the details found during the post mortem.

It is reported that the father of the child named Upul Shantha is suspected for the murder. He had been teaching at a national school in Negombo and had been under remand earlier for an incident regarding child abuse.

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