Romesh Madhuwansha student from Eppawala received a war m welcome to the parliament on the invitation of the speaker Mr. Karu Jayasuriya on account of his bravery of saving his mother from the grasp of a crocodile.

Various tales were told about Yureni these days. As it naturally happens with a young eloquent character, she had to face a lot of criticism which she anyway managed to bear up with fortitude.

Various news were published on the web about her latest purchase- the Honda S660. She expressed her ideas on the issue in this manner:

Sanath kumara, a soldier who has served in the SL Army for six years   and had been abroad returned back to the country and worked for the unp’s election campaign has fulfilled on the (10) the vow which he had made to deity Ayyanayaka to assure the unp’s victory and to make Mr.Ranil Wickramasinghe premiere at the 2015 parliamentary election.

Police arrested an individual who killed his paramour and set fire to her house in Wewelketiya in Medawachchiya.

He was arrested at a bar in Kahatagas-digiliya last night.

Revatha Vidyalaya of Ambalangoda had to be closed due to rowdy behavior of students who kept wreaking havoc in the school premises. Director of national schools PN Illeperuma paid a visit to the school yesterday to inspect the situation.

A teacher mentioned that a discussion is underway with the participation of the Director and several officers in the Zonal Educational Office in Ambalangoda. The teachers had taken leave due to the violence taking place at school. Only one teacher was present that day whereas there are 60 altogether.

Carried weapons to hand over to Rakna Lanka
The captain of the ship is a Ukrainian National.

Sri Lankan Navy Sources confirmed to Hiru News that the Avant Garde vessel which entered Sri Lankan waters has been taken into custody, and investigations are underway.

According to the Navy sources, investigations are undertaken on the advice of the President, and the Secretary of Defence. The Navy reiterated that the Navy has the full authority to investigate the vessel which bore the Sri Lankan flag.

Famous Sri Lankan vocalist K. Sujeewa has decided to reveal her secret love life through Hiru Gossip.

She stated that she is living together with another famous singer Ajith Muthukamarna, after splitting from Kelum.

“I had no feeling earlier,
Just happened to give in”

Hiru CIA revealed earlier about an incident where a school principal in Handapangoda, Horana was caught obtaining a sexual bribe from a mother who wanted to admit her child to grade 1.

The principal who was caught red-handed in the rest house during school hours was questioned by inspectors in the Provincial Educational Department. The Principal has talked about the incident.

“No one gets caught by watching it on web”
“It’s all right to have it with you; but sharing is wrong”

The discussion about the legal situation regarding obscene visuals is already on stage. It is perceived through media that the public have paid special attention to the issue.

We contacted Dr Prathibha Mahanamaheva to inquire regarding the issue. The law about the possession of obscene visuals is explained in the 1927 Obscene Publications Ordinance which underwent reform in 2005.

“The crying baby was shaken hard and struck on the floor, on its back”

A mother revealed before the High Court of Amapara yesterday (7th) that her husband killed their baby an year and a month old by striking it thrice on the floor, as the lawsuit regarding the incident was taken into hearing before High Court Judge Justice Sumudu Premachandra.

The incident had taken place on 26th March last year. She said that as they went to the market that day asked her to stay with the child in the vicinity till he came back with the goods.

Why we Sri Lankans launch brutal attack on our own people ?

Cases about house maids who are harassed by their masters in foreign countries are common. In contrary this video reveals about a Sri Lankan woman who is harassed by another Sri Lankan woman.

We received this video which shows a Sri Lankan woman being battered at a Sri Lankan Agency in Kuwait, from a correspondent in Ibbagamuwa.

A Toyota Axio by 700k
Prius by 1150k
The custom tariff rates which will levied for vehicles imported according to gazette number 1933/16 are published.

Indika Sampath, Chairman of the Vehicle Importers’ Association stated that the custom values will drastically rise for vehicles imported henceforward.

Perverts deserve to be bereft of their virile power – Wasu
Death penalty is a symptom of incapacity, a choice of the weak – Ajith P. Perera

A proposition about the implementation of the death penalty regarding those convicted of crimes against women, was presented at the Parliament yesterday. Certain MPs expressed their agreement for the proposition while others spoke against it.

Expressing his views at the debate which took place at the Parliament regarding the motion, MP Waudewa Nanayakkara proposed a more severe penalty for abusers of women and children. He said that it is advisable to consider that those who happen to suffer from perverse desires deserve to be bereft of their virility.

MP of Kurunegala District Mahinda Rajapakse expressing his views to a national newspaper had said that he is not at all satisfied with the investigations carried out by the police regarding the crime on Seya.

He had further mentioned his views in the following manner:

A young woman had attempted suicide by jumping into the Mahaweli River which flows through Balagolla in the Kandy-Mahiyanganaya road, was rescued by by-standers. She had climbed down to the river bank and had started along the river when by-standers had witnessed her actions and suspecting her motive, had informed the others.

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