Facebook is the most popular social networking site and is very popular among the younger generation. However the adult community in Sri Lanka  is not so in favour of facebook due to the recent negative incidents which took place with the involvement of facebook.

However foreign media reports of a positive incident which took place somewhere in America Mexico Border, All thanks to facebook.

Mundalama police have arrested a 17 -year-old boy who raped and under-aged girl (14)

The victim of this incident is a girl from Baththulu Oya in Mundalama. The suspect is also from the same area. The victim and the suspect has had a love affair and as a result of the affair the girl had called the suspect to her house.

SLFP General Secretary Mr. Anuar Priyadarshana Yapa said  that SLFP will not leave the UPFA  in the upcoming General Elections and will not contest as an individual party

Making a statement to the media he further mentioned that they have officially informed the Commissioner of Elections with this regard.

Jessica, 24, and Samanta, 21 were both students at Virginia in USA, had once shared a kiss.

But Samanta  had a boyfriend, who knew about the kiss and they’d both put it down to harmless sexual experimentation. Sam had simply been curious – while Jessica was head over heels in love. Samanata had invited Jessica over to her flat for a  meal where  Jessica excitedly saw the night as a date.

Rajitha, Duminda Dissanayake and Arjuna were among the participants.
Rumours say that Arjuna will contest from UNP

The United National Party and the United People's Freedom Alliance had already confirmed that they will be contesting using usual symbols of their respective parties.

Several small parties representing the Tamil community and the Sri Lanka Muslim Congress will also join the United National Party. However, the parties contesting with the UPFA is not finalised.

Minister P. Harrison says that approximately 20 seniors of the Sri Lanka Freedom Party will contest from  United National Party in the upcoming general elections.

He said this at a press conference held in Anuradhapura

Our team had received a video of a group of burglars attacking the employees of  a restaurant in Sarenthu Kadae Junction in Galle.  The video recorded by a mobile phone shows how the burglars attacked the cashier and took away the money

Only Hiru can beat Hiru , No one else will ever do so. The highest participation at an outdoor concert was recorded yesterday at the Ampara Hiru Mega Blast.

This time the Hiru Mega Blast in Ampara ,was held in connection with the 17th Anniversary of "Hiru FM"

All Mega Blast Concerts are presented and performed at an International standard giving a brand new experience to its participants. Hiru Mega Blast the Golden symbol of outdoor concerts is yet another unique concept of the Chairman of Asia Broadcasting , Mr Rayynor Silva.

The Hiru Mega Blast show  held in connection with the 17th anniversary of Hiru FM was also recorded as the "One & only outdoor musical concert in Sri Lanka  watched by the highest number of viewers".

All roads in Ampara, including the two main roads leading to the H.M Weerasinghe Grounds was filled with its loyal listeners and viewers giving immense strength to the Hiru Team.

Roshan Fernando with his team Flashback and all your favorite vocalists  along with vibrant dancers of “Sensation troupe” brought in so much of colors and fun to the night , right throughout the event. Watch the gallery for all the photos of the event.

Foreign media have reported on the remarkable story of two students learnt in the same class who met after many years in court as the Judge and the accused .

The judge told the defendant that he is familiar and would like to ask a few question prior to the trial and  had asked the accused if he is Booth and 49 years and if he attended the Nautilus Middles School.

Police had yesterday ( July 29th) arrested two of the suspects in connection with the murder of artist Indika Ratnayake at a restaurant in Maharagama area around 4.15 am by a sharp weapon.

These suspects of the incident are from Kandy and Hali Ala area.

Releasing a communiqué, UPFA General Secretary Susil Premajayantha quoted President Maithripala Sirisena as saying that the latter has agreed to give nominations to former President Mahinda Rajapaksa under the UPFA ticket.
“ This is an example to all, Mr Rayynor Silva felt the need of the hour for Ruwan at this juncture, this must be felt by the entire country” – veteran Artist Ravindra Randeniya.

Ruwan Weerasekara the well known violinist who mesmerized Hundreds and thousands of fans with his performance is currently receiving treatment at the Colombo National Hospital

A musical concert will be held on 05th Sunday to raise funds to help Ruwan who is currently in  a coma.

Hiru FM, the Number 1 Radio Station in Sri Lanka celebrated its 17th Anniversary in style with the presence of the Chairman of Asia Broadcasting Corporation, Mr. Rayynor Silva.

The Celebrations started with the showering of gifts from the skies for its valued and loyal listeners. The listeners were also given the privilege of listening to the Anniversary broadcasting from 2 pm to 9 with their beloved artists and stars all live and present at the broadcasting studios.

Furthermore preparations for the Hiru 17th Anniversary Celebration concert, 'Hiru Mega Blast' live in Ampara at the Werasingha grounds on the 4th of July, is underway.

View Hiru 17th Anniversary celebrations by clicking the link below.

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