“We lost only one member – yet our popularity didn’t get diminished” Thusith Niroshana – Exclusive – Photos

“We lost only one member – yet our popularity didn’t get diminished” Thusith Niroshana – Exclusive – Photos - “We lost only one member – yet our popularity didn’t get diminished” Thusith Niroshana – Exclusive – PhotosHiru Gossip, Hiru news, Gossip Lanka News | Hirugossip | Hiru Gossip | Hiru Fm Gossip | Hiru Gossip Official Web Site | Gossip Lanka

“She gave me a great surprise..”
“We don’t produce blue videos”

There is a big competition among music bands in every time period. The music band named, Centigradz took part in the run in 2009. They became the center of attraction of the young generation. Yet, this band is keeping mum these days. We contacted the leader of Centigradz, Thusith Niroshana for an interview with HIRU Gossip.

The friendly discussion is as follows..

Thusith why are you not seen much these days?
We involve in our work and proceed. No change has taken place. Recently we released a new song. This song named “Birth Day” which introduced a new concept to the fans, was lovingly embraced by them.
What was your intention to include the song in a Birthday Card? Was it money earning?
No, not that. We always try to appear before our fans in novel ways. This concept was introduced to Sri lanka for the first time.

Centigradz, don’t you have an idea to produce a music video which includes blue scenes? That’s the latest trend now, isn’t it?

We always wanted to blend with the society in a good manner. We need to be loved by people of every age. For that, productions must be done to be watched by the whole family. We don’t want to get famous by making blue videos. We would not do so.
Centigradz was really famous when Udaya Sri was with you. What if I say that now your band is not amongst discussions since Udaya Sri left?
We lost only one member. And it happened four years ago. We kept mum during the past two years. The reason is we created a music band to perform in musical shows. A complete band. It was due to that work we could not produce new songs. Now we perform in outdoor shows as well. We haven’t lost our fans, no matter who we lost. Our popularity has not diminished as well. We are looking forward to stage “Centigradz live in concert” in main cities of the country.
Thusitha, you are married now. We heard that your wife can sing very well. Don’t you have any idea to sing a song with your wife?

I don’t sing, usually.  But my wife can sing nicely. She gave me a great surprise at our wedding. She sang a beautiful song for me. I was never aware of it before. The lyrics of the song she sang had been written by Shihan Galahitiyawa. She made me really amazed that day.

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