Moving story of former Miss Sri Lanka who got burned while in a sleepover with her boyfriend – Photos

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“My eyes have become experts in crying”
“On the first day the hospital was full with visitors”
“My life became a disaster when it was blooming”

Michelle Reimers was the mermaid in tele dramas for some time. Though the technology was not that advanced during her peak, she rocked the screen with “Sihina Isawwa” tele drama.

But alas, Michelle Reimers lost all her glamor in just one second and had to say goodbye to the fields of acting and modeling.

Michelle is facing life today alone with a 16 year old daughter. Eventhough she was a star, today she is yet another woman.

She had poured her heart out to a weekend newspaper interview as follows.
Michelle what are you today?
Today, Michelle Reimers is a mother of a 16 year-old daughter. My main focus is my daughter. Her exams will fall this year, so I am taking care of everything being at home.
This one time you were a star in Sri Lanka. A dashing model and an actress too. How do you recall your beautiful past?
My face is completely different now from what I had in the past. I can’t say I don’t regret my past. I totally broke down emotionally with that incident. My eyes became experts in crying. But, what’s the use of keep crying? I won’t get my pretty face back. So I decided to proceed with life.
Did your colleagues in the field forget you so easily?
 Yeah, that’s true. Nobody called me and checked on me until today. Only Gamini Siriwardhane visits Negambo and checks on me. My mother said the hospital was full with visitors on the first day, but nobody came after that. May be they only wanted to check the gravity of the damage caused to my face.
In fact Michelle, where did it go wrong?
The wrong turn was my accident. It happened in 1999. It changed my whole life.
Some said you were acid attacked by some person related to politics….
No, that’s not true. Such things have been told by who came to see me at the hospital. I was literally burned. My boyfriend was there with me at that moment. He tried his best to put down the fire but he burned his hands too being unable to put it down. Thus, some said he tried to attack me with acid. But it’s not true. That accident gave me lifetime burns on my face, hands and bosom.

You emotionally broke down with your face being burnt, didn’t you?
Yes, that’s true. I saw my face just after being burnt. I called my sister and told I don’t want to live anymore. I was at the hospital for about two months.

How did you get over it?
My mother was always there with me. She always backed me saying not to get low, be strong. I did not look at my face in the mirror for a long time. My mother said I can rebuild. Somehow I got over with the pain. I rose again. My daughter was born in 2001. After that my everything was her. Today I live with her happily.
That incident happened when you were blooming as a vibrant youth….
Yes, I was only 21 years old then. My life became a disaster after the accident.

How do you proceed with life now?
One of my friends named Vajira Premarathne helps me a lot. It is not easy to proceed with life alone. I would like to thank her a lot.
Do you regret when you see your dashing photos from the past, Michelle?
Yes, I do. I still have those photos with me. They make me alive. My life was totally changed with this fatal accident. But I rose again as a strong woman and I am happy about it.

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