I too have received numerous unofficial proposals – Tharushi Perera- Exclusive

I too have received numerous unofficial proposals – Tharushi Perera- Exclusive - I too have received numerous unofficial proposals – Tharushi Perera- ExclusiveHiru Gossip, Hiru news, Gossip Lanka News | Hirugossip | Hiru Gossip | Hiru Fm Gossip | Hiru Gossip Official Web Site | Gossip Lanka

Clothes play a major role in the gossips created regarding popular artists.

I never wanted to be famous in a negative way

It has been a long time since the popular artist Tharushi Perera entered the field of acting, yet she has acted in a handful of productions. Thus, she cannot be seen in your TV screen much. There is a rumour that Tharushi has said goodbye to acting even. We, the Hiru gossip decided to talk with her because of all these reasons….

There is a rumor that you have said goodbye to the field of acting…is it true?
In fact, when I was acting in a stretch even people asked me whether I am going to leave the field. That rumor is still being spread. It is our own artists who are behind this act. I have no idea why they do that. Anyway I have not decided to leave this field yet.

Marriage is a bond with a padlock for a woman. Lot of limitations. What if I suggest Tharushi’s marriage was also the same?
I acted even after my marriage. I could act having only 05 days to go to labor even. Anyway I did not act after my Son was born. It has been three years since I did not involve in any productions.  However, in my opinion, marriage is a bond in which we should understand each other well. If not we can’t proceed. It’s not that we don’t fight, we do. But we become friendly again and proceed. That is the beauty of life. Now I think my Son has the best father in this world. I have the best husband in the world. I am very happy. Marriage is not a padlock for me now. My husband has understood me and he never say no for acting.
So from which type of character are you commencing your journey in this field after three years?
The character of a pregnant mother. This character has a very good flow throughout the story.
Tharushi are you abandoned from the current trend? Or are you rejecting scripts?
Past days I received good scripts but I rejected because of my son. You will see what happens when I start acting again. Anyway I only accept good scripts. Directors who prefer my acting will call me.

Have you been a target of gossips?
I have no idea. As I know, it’s a no.

Do you agree if I say clothes affect popular artists being preys of gossips?
Exactly. Even I try to dress decently always.

During the transition period of a brand new actress, there comes unofficial proposals from high level characters in the industry. Have

you experienced such proposals?
Yeah, there is some truth in that. I also have received such proposals. But I can sense what a person wants by his or her way of talking. I have to take care of myself if I sense that. I never wanted to be popular in a negative manner. I always proceeded with my talents.

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