Duminda’s life might be jeopardized if he is not provided with a hygienic environment and a calm mental state. -Father of R Duminda Silva- Lal Silva mentions to a national newspaper

Duminda’s life might be jeopardized if he is not provided with a hygienic environment and a calm mental state. -Father of R Duminda Silva- Lal Silva mentions to a national newspaper - Duminda’s life might be jeopardized if he is not provided with a hygienic environment and a calm mental state. -Father of R Duminda Silva- Lal Silva mentions to a national newspaperHiru Gossip, Hiru news, Gossip Lanka News | Hirugossip | Hiru Gossip | Hiru Fm Gossip | Hiru Gossip Official Web Site | Gossip Lanka


According to medical reports an environment which is conducive for infections is not suitable for him.

Life threatening conditions may surface at unanticipated moments. 

R. Duminda Silva had his whole life overturned due to an accident which was highly underrated by society, and was associated with many misconceptions.
According to all medical reports the young politician experienced a fatal incident which resulted in brain damage.


However, some do not believe this.
The result of the 2011, Bharatha- Duminda clash caused a ripple effect in society.
He was charged for the murder of Bharatha and was sentenced to death last year.
Duminda Silva spends his time in the prison hospital with an extremely sensitive disability.
Duminda Silva’s father Lal Silva expressed his views to the Divaina – Irida Sangrahaya 
Question – There are many stories going around regarding the current health conditions of Duminda. Is he really facing life threatening conditions?
Answer - Duminda was with other inmates for about 20 days, and was admitted to the prison hospital upon the worsening of a virus fever. Following this his health conditions began to deteriorate further. Singaporean doctor Kithgo, who performed a brain surgery on Duminda in his report provided to us in 2013 noted that an environment which is conducive for bacterial infections is unsuitable for him.  The report notes that his real health conditions cannot be ascertained through his physical appearance and that his health can worsen without warning.
According to medical expert’s opinion, it is a miracle that he lives. During the Cranioplasty surgery which was performed in Singapore the missing part of the skull was embedded with a 30 mm piece of an artificial skull. Following this two other surgeries were performed in Singapore. His health was previously restored through the frequent visits to Singapore when the symptoms he is currently experiencing showed where minor surgeries were performed.
Upon a request made by magistrate G.A.R Artigala, a medical report prepared by a medical council comprising of 9 doctors signed by the Colombo National Hospital Deputy Director Anil Jasinghe was handed over to the courts on the 3rd of this month. The report highlighted the health issues and detrimental consequences which were likely to appear. 
It is clear that this medical report has confirmed the reports provided by the doctors from Singapore.  I sincerely hope that those who were slinging mud stating that these reports were false, are able to comprehend the real situation at least now.
Due to this he is in need of a sterile environment for living along with a calm atmosphere for a composed state of mind due to his condition. If not, the conditions might be life threatening. It is not possible to predict a time and place for such an overturn. Such accidents have been explained in scholarly books.
Question: Are the responsible institutions informed of this special need?
Answer:  Maheshi Wijeratne, the doctor who was active with regard to the case of Duminda, had sent him for a medical examination to the Jayewardenepura hospital. The director board had not permitted the treatment of inmates at the hospital and had sent the ambulance back to the prison hospital without letting him even step out of the ambulance. Therefore a letter was addressed to the Prime Minister requesting permission to be directed to a private hospital and back to his doctor. But the Minister in charge of prisons responded stating that due to the nature of the punishment, further treatment cannot be provided.
Question: Did you file an appeal against the death sentence?
Answer: Yes, that was to the Supreme Courts. There was a division between the judges regarding the decision. The decision was given from two extremes. 
As a representative of the older generations, I have placed my trust on the judiciary. I strongly believe that the courts will provide relief by investigating into the matter comprehensively. An appeal has been filed with the Supreme Court bringing to light, the logical, theoretical, conceptual, legal, analytical errors as well as how core theories have not been followed when interpreting the law.
Even though I can explain this in detail, as this is discussed in the judiciary and as I have great respect towards the courts, I wish to refrain from expressing my views regarding this matter any further.
Question: It could be seen that there is great criticism about the media reports published regarding Duminda.
Answer:  I believe that the certain individuals exploit new media, media traditions and technology to benefit them. The manner in which some of these websites, and social media are active is extremely harmful. For instance, they falsify the public opinion artificially. They create a façade which is unreal.  This is dangerous. The civil society can collapse if such a situation progresses. Those who misuse this are those who must be cornered in society as such acts encompass lies, deceit, jealousy as they don’t even have a proper identity and are capable of even altering their appearance.
Insulting and influencing the courts by dashing coconuts or through media portrayals should not be permitted.  
Question: Explain a bit about your family background.
Answer: My grandfather, A. Victor Silva lived in Kalutara, Kalamulla. He was popularly known as Victori Mudalai. This was since the beginning of 1900. He owned large acres of land in rubber, coconut and cinnamon.  The older brother of my father is A.V. P Silva who was a doctor.  In 1935, he had to serve in Hambantota during the outbreak of tuberculosis. His siblings urged him to engage in a private clinic, but as he had taken a pledge to serve patients he declined. He passed away at the age of 33 in 1939.  Another sibling is Francis Silva who was a renowned lawyer. His other brother, Nobet Silva was the Chairman of the Kalutara U.C.  My father Alfoncess was an estate director and later held the D.L.O appointment.  (D.L.O was a higher appointment to D.R.O).  All of them schooled at the St. Benedicts College in Kotahena and were accommodated at the school hostel.
My father schooled at St. Sebastians College. My mother’s 5 siblings, (1950 onwards) I and my brothers (1960 onwards) schooled at St. Benedicts and were accommodated by the school hostel. My mother’s father A. Anasley Silva was the owner of about 20 hours along the Ratmalana Reeta road. Former minister of trade, Kingsley Wickramaratne was a brother of my grandfather. My father in law is Looshan Harry Ukawatte Liyanage. He studied at S. Thomas’s College Mount Lavinia and served in Sri Lanka Army, during World War II in Singapore.
My wife’s father had donated all his properties to the temple and to the Rahula College. He is the most venerable late Athadisi thero of the Galle Manthinda Pirivena temple.
Her grandmother is Charlotte Alexander Pinto Jayawardena Alwis. Her brother’s children were, Lin De Alwis- the director general of wild life conservation, Former Warden of S. Thomas’s College Neville De Alwais and Former IGP wife, Lakshmi Kodithuwakku and a prominent member of the Lanka Sama Samaja party OC De Alwis. I don’t like to speak of this but as a reply to all the criticisms it is necessary that I mention we had the ability and wealth for generations and this is the reply to the question you raised. I received the wealth of my parents and their families.
I am A.V.P Silva. I am FCA and FMAAAT qualified.  Most know me as Lal Silva.  I am a commissioned auditor by profession. I’m serving as a managing director of four reputed companies and as the director of 5 other companies. During my youth I was part of the victorious Havelock sports club where I played rugby for about 5 years since 1968. I provided extensive service as the treasurer of the Sri Lanka Rugby Association and was the chairman of the Havelock sports club. I was able to uplift the institution to greater heights this quarter unlike ever before, financially and was able to credit a large amount into the account of the institution. I was able to develop institutions incurring losses and transform them into profit gaining organizations.  The income tax department provided a priority card for those who pay income tax legally for a prolonged period to obtain priority services from government institutions.  I received a gold card. Any individual who provides a good report to the bank and is able to manage their finances efficiently can be a wealthy person. Education alone, without practical knowledge cannot help the accumulation of wealth. They only know to interpret what is in the books.
My wife is, Romaine Malkanthi Silva. My eldest son, Rayynor Silva is the owner of the largest media organization in the country.  There are number businesses my family owns. My other son, Vincent Silva represents one of the most profitable companies in the garment industry which brings the highest foreign income into the country. My oldest daughter, Dilini Silva is a multiple degree holder. (BSc HON IT, MBA, CIM UK, Doctorate Business Management CIM Sri Lanka prize winner). She is currently in her final year of the LLB law degree.  My youngest daughter Nilakshi Silva has a diploma in psychology. She is married to Dr. Gehan de Zoysa (BSc. Hons MBA, OHD MST Cambridge).  He owns a garment factory which is known as Velona. His grandfather who studied at S.Thomas’s College is former MP Raskin Fernando who was the proprietor of Velona.  His grandfather from his father’s side is the renowned Sir Henry Charles De Soysa who had gifted the De Soysa hospital for women, Eye hospital,  Hospitals of Lunawa, Marawila and Panadura, the Moratuwa stadium and the Prince of Wales Colleges.
Question: How did your younger son enter politics?
Answer:  As he was helping out youth sports teams in Peradeniya, through their ideas and influence he entered politics.  When he contested for Provincial council elections initially, I showed my disapproval. When I got to know his keenness towards helping people and being around people, I supported him. Since his young days, it was a habit of his to give to the poor in whatever way he could. He participated in sports when he was in St. Peters College.  He also held positions in executive level positions after learning the art of tea tasting and brokering. Later on he carried on a successful food business which was known as Lakshmi Food Center. I witnessed certain individuals speaking of this in an inferior manner. My family and the people, supported Duminda to the best of our ability. In the 2010 election, he came second, only to Wimal Weerawansa from Colombo.
It was a habit of Duminda to help those who were helpless.   He continued that practice even before he entered politics. He continued this further as a MP of the UNP provincial council.  Those who engaged in politics to achieve their narrow aims were jealous of him and made up stories accusing him of smuggling. It is clear that politicians greedy for votes created such fabrications to dismantle his process of helping the innocent and poor people, by manipulating the media.
Through such unsubstantial allegations, the sincere action taken by him to help the poor was degraded. They accused Duminda without any proof. These were directed at him, so that the real culprits could continue their smuggling racket and mislead the legal authorities.
Question: Did politics mainly affect the unfortunate accident he was faced with?
Answer: Yes, it was a Saturday and I was having an evening nap. I received a sudden call saying Duminda was shot, and immediately the line was cut. I received a call from my older son and was asked to go to the Jayewardenepura hospital. He was subjected to an immediate surgery. He was not in the right state of mind for about three weeks after. His left side was incapacitated.  I believe that Duminda had to go through all of this due to political jealousy. He progressed ahead of many traditional politicians and gained popularity in a short span of time. He achieved this position by helping people out to the best of his capacity.
(This piece was formulated from an article published in Divaina – Irida Sangrahaya)

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