Former Defence Secretary Hemasiri Fernando and Inspector General of Police Pujith Jayasundera who has been sent on compulsory leave have been remanded again until 6 November through an order issued by the Colombo Additional Magistrate Priyantha Liyanage, today. 

The order issued by the Chief Magistrate of Colombo previously, granting them bail was annulled by the Colombo High Court recently and later, subsequent to producing them before the Court again they were remanded until today.
It has been informed that representatives from Indonesia, Korea and South Asian countries will be arriving in the country to observe the presidential election.
A senior official of the elections commission noted that around 20 observers will be arriving in the country.
The spokesperson further noted that representatives of 10 countries including the European Union have been invited to the country.
In addition, he added that an additional ballot box in every polling center will have to be placed for this years presidential election.
Chairman of Avant Garde company, Nissanka Senadhipathi who was receiving treatment at a hospital in Singapore has been arrested by the CID upon his arrival in the country.
Police media spokesperson SP Ruwan Gunasekera noted that he had arrived in the island at around 11.35 pm.
The police media spokesperson further noted that Nissanka Sendhipathi who was arrested is been brought to the CID.
Deraniyagala police have launched a rescue operation in search of a 14-year old girl of Udayankanda in Iluktennawatta who has been missing for the last 8 days.

The Parents lodged a complaint with the Police on October 8th stating that their daughter had gone missing while returning home from a pooja at Kadireshan Maha Vidyalaya.

Later police launched search operations and, navy divers searched a tributary of the Seethvaka River.

Sniffer dogs were also deployed in the operation but police have found no clue of the missing girl as yet.
MP Thilanga Sumathipala, formally banned from holding any position at Sri Lanka Cricket following a directive issued by the Minister of Sports
Malaysian Police disclosed that financial transactions involving huge sum of money have been carried out, believed to activate the LTTE in the country.

Counter Terrorism Division said the financial transactions were detected in the accounts of individuals detained in the operations carried out on Thursday and Saturday over their alleged involvement in LTTE.

From the investigations carried out at the suspects’ premises and checked on their mobile phones, police have seized flags, posters, pictures of LTTE leaders and detected financial transactions involving a huge sum of money.

The financial transactions are believed to fund the promotional activities, recruitment and mobilisation of LTTE programmes in the country.
One person was injured when police shot a luxury jeep that kept travelling ignoring police orders to stop at Aravill in Kilinochchi this morning.

The police had ordered the jeep to stop based on information that drugs were being transported; however, the driver continued on ignoring the police command to stop the vehicle.

The driver who was injured in the shooting is receiving treatment at the Kilinochchi Hospital.
The Sri Lanka Podujana Peramuna succeeded in winning all 17 divisions of the Elpitiya Pradeshiya Sabha at the election held today.
That was by obtaining 23,372 votes.
The United National Party obtained 10,113 votes and 7 members in the Pradeshiya Sabha. The United People's Freedom Alliance obtained 5,273 votes and 3 members.
The Janatha Vimukthi Peramuna obtained 2 members with 2,935 votes.
Chairman of the Elections Commission Mahinda Deshapriya said that about 70% have cast their ballots in the Elpitiya Pradeshiya Sabha Election by the close of polls at 4.00 pm.
The 2019 Nobel Peace Prize has been awarded to Ethiopian Prime Minister Abiy Ahmed.
He was awarded the prize for his efforts to "achieve peace and international cooperation".
Ethiopia reached a peace deal with Eritrea last year, ending a 20-year military stalemate following their 1998-2000 border war.
Venerable Omalpe Sobitha thero said that arrangements will be made to hand over to candidates contesting the Presidential Election a missive regarding the protection of elephants.
The Monk made this comment at a media briefing held with the participation of several environment organization representatives at Colombo yesterday.
Meanwhile, it was revealed yesterday that the reason for the deaths of 6 she-elephants and a male elephant in Habarana – Hiriwadunna – Thumbikulama Forest Reserve was ingesting some kind of a poison.
Former Defence Secretary Hemasiri Fernando and Inspector General of Police Pujith Jayasundera who has been sent on compulsory leave have been remanded once again. 
A part of a side parapet wall of the Parliament yard has been subject to an earth slip.

A section of about 20 feet of near the Bodhi of the Parliament yard has broken away into the Diyawanna Lake, our Correspondent said.
The Customs took into custody a mother and daughter in possession of two and a half kilos of the drug Ice valued at more than Rs. 25 million.

It is said these two were arrested when they arrived in this country from Chennai in India yesterday by the customs of the Katunayake Airport.

The mother is 68 years old and the daughter is 36 years of age.

They are residents of Mattakkuliya and Wattala.
The Court of Appeal dismissed the petition which was filed challenging the citizenship of SLPP presidential candidate Gotabhaya Rajapaksa this evening.
Two civil activists, Professor Chandragupta Thenuwara and Gamini Viyangoda filed the petition.
The petitioners requested the Court to issue a stay order on accepting the citizenship of former defence secretary and SLPP presidential candidate Gotabhaya Rajapaksa.
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